Starvisa Services

is registered with the Office of private commerce in Thailand under the name is Starvisa Services Limited Partnership, located at 419/3 Wichayanond Road, Chang Moi Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai Province

Credit card payments


Visa Assistant/ Representatives

Prepare documentcation for temporary visitor visa, Act as third party agent for registration with immigrantion visa center and take care of application for permanent visas.

Law and Legalization

Consultation to contract law, Wills, Registered companies, Notarial services Attorney (certify signatures and certify true copy).

Translation and Certified

Translate and process documents required for government and private agencies. We also Act as representatives to submit documents to the government, e.g. Official documents, some of which are foreign-language before submission to Thai government, you must be certified by the Legalization Officer of Thai Consular Section, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and/or the Embassy/Consulate in Thailand. For documents from the Thai Government to apply abroad, they must be certified by the by the agency listed above.

Air ticketing and travel insurance

Arranging worldwide airline tickets and travel plans before booking, Travel insurance for peace of mind throughout your journey.


Convenient everywhere

with menus available online via your smartphone


With a team that resolution and the storage of your documents

Save time

Place a sheet document delivery between the teams with service users to meet the time limit


the end of the process, you can obtain documents electronically via the electronic files

Payments Standard

accuracy, verification and code clarity

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Thailand Elite offers unique visa benefits

designed to facilitate lengthy stays in Thailand from

5 years up to 20 years. The longest visa validity issued by the Government of Thailand.